Providing schools with the strategies to ensure every student can thrive

ECM offers consultancy on all matters relating to dyslexia in schools, particularly those with multilingual students. We work with schools throughout Europe and the UAE to provide a full range of specialist services to empower teachers, support schools and educate parents including:


TA and teacher training and support for schools. Manager and staff training and support for companies


Dyslexia, Literacy and neuro diverse difference awareness training


Dyslexia literacy and neuro diverse difference awareness in an EAL/multilingual setting


Screening, plan intervention curriculum and deliver personalised one to one learning


Parent support plans. Simple step by step guidance for inclusivity in companies.



Consultation on policies and day to day practice for schools and companies

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Each of our comprehensive services is tailored to support your school, teachers, parents and learners. Our vision is to create a community of educators who are empowered to help multilingual, dyslexic and neuro diverse students feel seen, heard and supported in their education. We also aim to create a community of likeminded business people to create more neuro diverse friendly workplace environments for everyone.

Understanding Pupils, Teachers’, Parents and Companies' Needs

The step up to secondary school is tough on many children, but for students with dyslexia it’s even harder. A number of the support systems they had access to at a primary level are now no longer there or are insufficient. However, it is not just students that struggle, with fewer TA’s, a focus on exam readiness and pressure to succeed schools and teachers aren’t always able to offer the meaningful and inclusive lessons they want to.

Non-bilingual, bilingual and multilingual dyslexia should be seen as a challenge, not a problem. ECM is here to break down the stigma around dyslexia and raise awareness for those that need extra support whilst adding value to your school.

With ECM’s help schools are able to:

  • Achieve better overall student attainment
  • Provide TAs with effective strategies and support training so they are empowered in the classroom
  • Support and guide teachers to become more confident in their classroom practice
  • Reduce student and teacher stress
  • Improve student and staff wellbeing
  • Demonstrate to inspectors progression over time for student and staff achievement
  • Improve on SEN policy following the DfE SEN Code of Practice 2015
  • Develop better relationships with parents and guardians
  •  Schools in Spain can benefit from subsidy support for CPD through FUNDAE

Qualified, Experienced & Effective

Shona O’Callaghan has been teaching both children and educators across Europe for almost 20 years. As a fully qualified and experienced secondary teacher with a Master’s degree in Education focusing on multilingual learning in mainstream classrooms she is a specialist in her field. Certified by the British Dyslexia Association as a Dyslexia and Literacy specialist teacher with ATS status she excels in driving the awareness of learning challenges and helping students and teachers realise their true potential.

Having led English departments in schools, taught education courses at a university level, advised on IGCSE examination textbook material and delivered courses on teaching and learning to trainee teachers whilst acting as a mentor, she has curated extensive experience and knowledge. Shona's ongoing pursuit of a PhD in Dyslexia and Multilingualism reflects her unwavering commitment to cutting-edge research, while her extensive experience as a teacher trainer, university lecturer, and esteemed education consultant for British and International schools underscores her profound knowledge and expertise.

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Delivering inspirational, professional services for schools who want and need support for dyslexic and literacy-challenged pupils in the international mainstream classroom. Empowering Creative Minds is here to help.

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