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I’m Shona, I am the founder of ECM and an Educational Consultant specialised in dyslexia and multilingualism. Having taught at both university and secondary school level for many years, I understand the issues that can arise for both teachers and learners. However, more importantly than any of this, is that I am a parent of a trilingual child and being dyslexic (and trilingual) myself, I know the challenges that can occur at home. Creating this community has come about due to the shear amount of parents who have approached me needing help and guidance as they do not know what to do to help, where to start or even how to communicate with their school. Bridging the gap between school and home can be very effective for neuro divergent children and adolescents’ long-term development. Having a parent who understands, tries to understand and supports them at home can reduce stress, solidify relationships and change their lives. We at ECM, want to help you to be those parents.

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ECM Parents’ Community (pro)

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Join our Parents’ ECM Community to learn how to support your dyslexic/literacy-challenged child.  Understand how to help them release their frustration and build better family relationships. Benefit from the monthy podcast with lots of advice and practical strategies. Join us at the LIVE Q & A monthly Mastermind (or you can catch the recording) and get to submit your questions for the monthly Q & A session. PLUS two Exclusive One-to-One Consultations about your child, finding the clarity on how to move forward successfully with a plan and into the future. All the while taking full advantage of my expertise and knowledge as a specialist teacher, with over two decades in both the British and International Education sectors.

Mum says…

“Shona’s support and positivity combined with her expertise has not only helped my daughter to recognise the strengths her dyslexia empowers her with, but also to be inspired to meet any challenges and overcome them. Shona’s insightful understanding of dyslexia and teaching methods make the lessons are fun, proactive and personalised, ensuring that at the end of each lesson my daughter has sense of achievement and progress”.
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